Base Molding

Base is the wood molding that is attached to the bottom of the wall next to the floor. This base molding also goes against the casing in a 90 degree angle. The base molding generally is slightly thinner than the casing, to allow for a better finished look.Base is the wood molding used to cover up the gap that occurs between the wall bottoms and floor. The baseboard gives the room an impression of solidity, while protecting the walls from kicks, vacuum cleaner and furniture scrapes and bumps. Baseboard, base trim, whatever term that you may choose, base molding can be found in almost every room of every home that has been built since the 18th century. Influenced by the architectural design of the Greek and Roman period, the base molding represents what would have been considered a part of the pedestal in that design.

Base molding not only serves function, but appearance as well. Base molding applications can be done as a simple, single piece, or you may choose to go with a more elaborate scheme. A quarter round or base shoe, as it is also known, may be installed along the bottom edge, where the base meets the floor. And, or, a cap (base cap)may be added to the top of the base.

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